Jun 3, 2011

recently, just some shots

— drawing as a freedom tool, children workshop at Scuola Media Lenci, class IIIA, Viareggio, Italy

— Tagtool night session with iink and Giovi, Viareggio, Italy > short film here > vimeo.com/channels/drawingalive#24377320

— Foco, an audio visual rock concert with the Pentolino's Orchestra, performed premiere at drawing(a)live Festival in Viareggio last week > currently editing one hour and half HD video footage from two different angles... expect a short film and a detailed report in a month! (We are available for booking a live performance around the world, so... :-) ) > drawingalive.net

— last but not least three photos from yesterday night > a 1st rehersal for an upcoming Theatre performance with some brazilian friends, premiere in autumn...

— all these projects are curated by Erika Gabbani and produced by our smart studio NASONERO, stay tuned, a lot of things to come...

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